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PiKapp College – See it for Yourself

PiKapp College – See it for Yourself

pkp college.This year, the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation is asking you to support Pi Kappa Phi and help continue to increase the capacity and improve the quality of the leadership programs that we offer to our student members.

There is no greater example of what our programs are able to accomplish, than the Pi Kapp College experience. But what is the impact that Pi Kapp College has on our students? What does this new experience look like?

PiKapp College 2010 Video

These students were exposed to Pi Kapps from chapters in schools all across the country. They not only learned how to lead, but developed the confidence in themselves to use their skills back on campus. They also had some fun along the way.

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Meeting Minutes – Sep 13, 2009

Meeting Minutes – Sep 13, 2009

Attending: B. Anderson, T. Barnes, J. Bliss, R. Brown, R. Casey, R. Corriveau, A. Dawson, T. DeMarco, M. DiPietro, D. Fedorenko, J. Fox Jr, M. Holmes, J. Jost, J. Khushalani, B. Kurtich, J. Lees, G. LeMoine, P. Levitan, T. Miller, A. Moffett, K. Neyhart, D. Nokes, D. Paquette, M. Pearson, J. Slocum, K. Sugumaran, A. Venooker, J. Villegas.

Absent: J. Descheneaux, R. Gilmore, J. Hanks, P. Holly, Z. Lamb, A. Sandakli, M. Schoenberg, S. Siddiqi, C. Silvia, B. St. Germain, J. Trzpit, O. Van Houtte, R. Vasquez, M. Williams.

PiKapp of the Week: Rusty Brown

Summer Recap

  • Keough – JOH – amazing experience – teaches leadership skills – get to know other Pikapps
  • Druar – BAM – was taught construction skills – stayed with camp for week at a time – campers sad to see them leave
  • Brown – NSO – learn and meet new people everyday
  • JOH Arrival – thanks to all that went down to support – Tortilla Coast had expensive fajitas
  • Kurtich – managed Johnny Rocket’s – didn’t see Pikapps all summer – glad to see everyone

PiKapp College

  • Pearson – learned much from archon he stayed with
  • Fox – car ride terrible – wrote name and initiation number on 90 Broad Street


  • Champion Master Chapter and other master awards
  • Silver Star for efforts in Push America
  • #1 GPA in IFC (awarded at last IFC Meeting)


  • Can’t go to formal – get money back?
  • Maybe some but not all because of fixed costs
  • Passes to raise dues to $340 per man
  • Passes to ratify budget
  • No accountant budgeted for – learned that we could do easier form – will use accountant only if necessary
  • More money for social budget

President’s Round Table

  • Next chapter, laying down foundation for future
  • All past presidents coming in person or by webcam
  • Q&A then opportunity for chapter to discuss
  • Purpose is to get perspective of past, not to direct the future


  • Retreat/BBQ
  • Dorm Storm – got about 150 raffle tickets w/contact info
  • Thanks Kurtich for food – slight misfortune with clam chowder
  • IPod touch to be given away – details to be finalized
  • Get t-shirts if you couldn’t go to retreat
  • Passing around tabling schedule
  • Committee Meeting – Tues, Sept. 15th, 7pm in Bluewall
  • Trivia Night in Bluewall – prizes
  • Not declaring mandatory events – trusting that brothers will come
  • Have 40 something names interested in fraternity
  • BBQ set for 26th – raffle happening here
  • Thanks Robby and Joe Bliss


  • Send updated bios for website – by end of September
  • Founder’s Day combined with Snow ball – coming up with program – would like a committee

Push America

  • Ramp building – 27th or rain day is first weekend of October
  • Acapella Concert – big fundraiser this semester
  • Have groups from different states
  • Circle of giving – do we want to keep donations going to Special Olympics? (YES!)


  • Retreat to happen in spring
  • Day trip or paintball in October
  • Need ideas for place in spring

Thank You

  • Rusty – for all recruitment efforts and NS
  • Alumni for coming back
  • Andy Dawson for work with IFC
  • Joey and Karim for coming to chapter
  • Brandon Kurtich/Matt Sloan for BBQ
  • Rusty, Josh, Jake, and Tom for place to stay


  • Need applications for Standard Board to Fox and Petrie
  • To join social committee contact Sugumaran

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, September 16, 2009: Trivia Night [7pm-9:00pm/Venue: TBA]
  • Thursday, September 17, 2009: Pick Up Football Game [5-7pm @ the SW Horseshoe]
  • Saturday, September 19, 2009: AccessABILITY [7am & the FAC]
  • Sunday, September 20, 2009: President’s Roundtable Chapter Meeting [4pm/Venue: TBA]
  • Monday and Tuesday, September 21 and 22: Dorm Storming [8-10pm]
  • Saturday, September 26, 2009: Fall Recruitment BBQ [1-4pm @ SW Volley Ball Court]
  • Wednesday, September 30, 2009: Pick-Up Ultimate Frisbee [6pm – Practice Fields]