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PiKapp College – See it for Yourself

PiKapp College – See it for Yourself

pkp college.This year, the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation is asking you to support Pi Kappa Phi and help continue to increase the capacity and improve the quality of the leadership programs that we offer to our student members.

There is no greater example of what our programs are able to accomplish, than the Pi Kapp College experience. But what is the impact that Pi Kapp College has on our students? What does this new experience look like?

PiKapp College 2010 Video

These students were exposed to Pi Kapps from chapters in schools all across the country. They not only learned how to lead, but developed the confidence in themselves to use their skills back on campus. They also had some fun along the way.

Please help the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation

Help us to increase the impact that we make on our fraternity next year by making your gift to the Annual Leadership Fund today.

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Yours In Pi Kappa Phi,

Mark E. Timmes
Chief Executive Officer
Pi Kappa Phi

Push America ePerspective – September, 2010

Push America ePerspective – September, 2010

Push America's logo.Push America’s ePerspective is a monthly newsletter sent to the extended family of Push America and past participants with the purpose of providing insight to the events of Push America and possible opportunities for involvement.

A successful summer comes to an end

Another summer has come and gone at Push America, and lives across the country have forever been altered thanks to the hard work and dedication of Push America team members and the extended Push America family. Gear Up Florida, Build America and Journey of Hope all experienced tremendous highs this year while covering thousands of miles and making hundreds of new friends from Miami to Seattle. Over 150 young men not only changed lives across the country, but were also changed themselves.

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Marine Corps Marathon 2010

Halloween is often synonymous with candy, costumes and scary movies. October 31 will be very different for Push America this year; it will be about sweat and determination, hard work and abilities, teamwork and accomplishments.

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A huge thank you to our volunteers

Push America’s 2010 summer event teams raised a combined total of over $660,000 to support people with disabilities. Thanks to the generosity and support of our volunteer system, over 85% of the funds raised by the team members go directly to programming that supports people with disabilities all across the country.

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Corporate sponsors help reach new heights

One of the major parts of Push America’s summer is support from several corporate sponsors from around the country. The help of corporate sponsors is essential in propelling the organization’s mission through Gear Up Florida, Build America and Journey of Hope. Our corporate sponsors allow more fundraising dollars to go directly back into the disability community, while also helping team members with their event preparation and even their safety on the road.

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We’re coming to a city near you!

Push America would like to give you a heads up that we might be in your neck of the woods this fall! We encourage you to come out and spend some time with the staff and fellow Push America supporters; Pi Kappa Phi alumni, parents, volunteers and Pi Alphas alike!

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Help us welcome new staff members

There have recently been two staff additions since the end of Push America’s summer. Push America is pleased to announce two new staff members, Nick Breaux and Kyle Thomas.

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Brother Joe Fox Riding for Journey of Hope

Brother Joe Fox Riding for Journey of Hope

A photo of brother Joe Fox Jr.Our brother Joe Fox Jr. is flying out to Seattle tomorrow, June 5, to begin the Journey of Hope, Push America’s cross-country bicycle ride. Joe is one of a growing list of UMass PiKapps to participate Push America’s national philanthropy efforts.

Joe will be keeping a blog this summer, posting text, pictures, and (maybe) videos while on the road.

Follow Joe’s Journey of Hope blog here.

What is Journey of Hope?

Journey of Hope is a philanthropic cross-country cycling event. Since 1988, Pi Kappa Phi brothers have been riding across the United States to benefit people with disabilities. Cycling has been the best communication vehicle for the Push America, our national philanthropy.

Our brothers take to the roads of America, spreading a message of acceptance and understanding for people with disabilities to millions of people through special events and media coverage. Our cycling events raise over $500,000 every summer to build hope for the future of people with disabilities while developing tomorrow’s leaders.